Police investigate burglaries in Franklin County

Police investigate burglaries in Franklin County

FRANKLIN COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The Franklin County Sheriff has a warning for residents:  There have been a number of burglaries across the county and he wants you to keep your eyes open and your doors locked.

According to the Sheriff, there have been a total of 4 burglaries within the last week in rural areas of the county.

One of those burglaries happened at a home along Yellowbanks Road.  Another, on the north end of the county, in Coello.

Donna Gollhuir lives in Coello said she had her home broken into 2 years ago.  She said the recent burglaries have her on edge, "Probably 10 times worse than it was before," she explained.  "Sometimes my daughter is there by herself too, and then sometimes she's there with my grandbabies, so if somebody broke in and did that, she would be in danger, my grandbabies would be in danger."

The Sheriff said thieves are targeting items like guns, jewelry, cash and electronics.  Some of the items stolen have been reported to the local pawn shop where they're keeping a close eye out.  The pawn shop owner explained that every evening he sends a itemized report of all new items to the Franklin County Sheriff's department.

The Sheriff tells me the thieves are breaking in during the day.  First, they'll knock on the door and if no one answers, they typically break in the back where they're less likely to be noticed.  The Sheriff said he suspects the these burglaries are also tied to a few that recently took place in Williamson County.

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