Black Friday could not be the best time to shop

Black Friday could not be the best time to shop

(KFVS) - The premier shopping day of the year is here.

But, the best time for deals may be a little later in the shopping season.

According to Shopper Trak, the shopping analytics company is identifying 10 other days between Thanksgiving and Christmas as the best days for deals.

Those days are ranked with the least amount of retail traffic from the top are: Dec. 4, Dec. 3, Dec. 2, Dec. 11, Dec. 9, Dec. 10, Dec. 6, Dec. 13, Dec. 12, Dec. 16.

These are all weekdays, which a company spokesperson says played heavily in their rankings.

Retailers are hoping to cash in on the next 30 days too, starting with Black Friday.

"I think there's better days to shop rather then on Black Friday, and on holidays," Christy Clutts said. "I think there are better days to shop. So people can spend time with their family."

Retailers aren't banking on that trend this year. Some experts say that the deals on Black Friday can also be found throughout the year.

Still some shoppers say Black Friday isn't always about the sales.

"I do enjoy shopping on Black Friday," Whitney Teal said. "I think it's fun. I think it's a good thing."

But, some people are looking beyond the crowds and deals on the busiest shopping day of  the year.

"I won't be out on Friday. It's the worst day," Mike Seagle said. "There's too many people. And you can find the deals on the internet on Cyber Monday."

The National Retail Federation is estimating as many as 140-million shoppers will hit retail stores or retailers websites between Thursday and Sunday this year.  That number is down from this time last year when 147-million shoppers cashed in on deals during the same time period following the holiday.

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