Violence in movies on the rise

(KFVS) - Are movies getting more violent? One study by the Journal of Pediatrics say they certainly are and it's increasing in every rating category.

The article in last week's journal says PG-13 movies have as much gun violence as R-rated movies from the eighties.

Becky Moore at the University School for Young Children said she noticed more violent behavior stemming from movies and what is on TV in general.

Moore said it's important to be aware of what you are letting your kids watch because you never know what they can pick up on.

She said times have changed on what is shown in movies.

"These are our young people and we don't want to mold them into the generation that violence continues with them," Moore said. "You know if we can stop it and we can let everyone be aware of it then hopefully they are learning right from wrong at a young age and that's not the norm for them."

The study said violent encounters with guns now occur on average 2.6 times an hour in PG-13 movies.

In a two-hour movie, that means five five minute segments of gun violence.

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