New study shows kids less healthy than parents were at young age

(KFVS) - The American Heart Association released a new study detailing the alarming decline in childhood health; and it's not just seen in the U.S., but around the world.

"The combination of eating a little bit more while technology has engineered activity out of our lives just means that the math shows it's easy to gain weight and all the consequences that follow," said registered dietitian Mary Etta Dunaway

The study shows a 15 percent decline in children's health since 1975.

Kids are now less healthy than their parents were when they were young and as a result, "it'll shorten their life span," Dunaway said. "A child born in the year 2000 has a life expectancy shorter than their parents."

The study followed 25 millions kids across the globe and found 80 percent aren't getting the amount of exercise they need.

Some schools have done away with recess in a money saving effort, but now that's being re implemented to get kids up and running.

Experts say it has to be a joint effort though, at school and at home.

"The family dinner is sometimes gone by the wayside," Dunaway said. "Not sitting down and having fruits and vegetables and picking up fast food is not healthy. And for some people it's not safe to go outside and play. So they're inside a lot, video games, very low activity. You just have to find other ways to be active."

Dunaway added it's a good idea to get outside to walk the dog. If your kids love technology, get games that promote exercise.

She said it takes an intentional effort by parents to help kids get the exercise they need.

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