Church helps recovery in Brookport - Sikeston job announcement - I-Team: Izabella's story

Volunteers are helping Brookport recover.
Volunteers are helping Brookport recover.
New jobs are coming to Sikeston.
New jobs are coming to Sikeston.
I-Team: Izabella's story tonight at 6:00.
I-Team: Izabella's story tonight at 6:00.

Good afternoon! It's a bit wet in parts of the Heartland today. Here's just some of the stories you'll see tonight on Heartland News at 5 & 6:

Bob Reeves says the rain ends Friday and then it gets colder. Tune in at 5:02 for his first forecast.

A church is helping hundreds recover in Brookport. Allison Twaits has the details at 5:04.

The US 45 Brookport Bridge reopened on Thursday at noon.

Christy Millweard reports an Illinois-based company will expand to Sikeston and bring 25 new jobs.

An Affordable Care Act informational meeting will be held this evening in Carterville. Rachel Gartner is live at 5:06 with the details.

Solemn events are planned to mark the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Hear from former KFVS anchor Mike Shain tonight at 5:10, as he remembers the tragic day.

We are learning more about an accidental shooting today in Farmington, Mo.

A controversy in Malden, as a school is proposing getting rid of ROTC and putting an Ag program in its place. Hear from an upset mom in Kadee Brosseau's story at 6:00.

A Cape Girardeau man faces six felony charges after the sheriff says he was involved in a string of daytime burglaries.

A flying fairy, a transforming truck and a dancing monkey, they're some of the coolest toys for this holiday season.

A Cape Girardeau County couple will spend the upcoming holiday season without their baby girl. They are looking for answers after her sudden death. Tune in to Crystal Britt's moving I-Team story tonight at 6:05.

Todd Richards has SEMO hoops!

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