Toy Tester #4: Moving and Grooving toys

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A flying fairy, a transforming truck and a dancing monkey; they're some of the coolest toys for this holiday season.

We enlisted the students from Thomas Elementary in Carbondale to help us test the toys and see if they're really worth it.

You've probably seen the commercials, because these kids have for a Flutterbye Flying Fairy.

You plug her into the charging station, press the button and let her fly.

"It was cool," said Mikayla Wilson.

"It flies up and I like pressing the button," said Adel Honold.

While the kids tell me they felt like they could control the fairy, second grade teacher Bobby Clark-Stokes said it was a different story.

"Although the kids thought it was very controlled, it was very much all around the room," said Clark-Stokes.

Clark-Stokes said that could be a problem if playing with the toy at home, since there are bound to be more breakables, and lower ceilings at home.

"It would fly for about five seconds and crash," said Clark-Stokes.

But the kids said the flying fairy is fun.

"We just made sure it would stay up," said Honold.

"It looks so pretty," said Wilson.

In the end, the $30 Flutterbye Fairy earns a B.

Next, the second graders at Thomas Elementary tested out the Transformers Construct Bots.

The double pack boasts more than 68 pieces to form and transform into vehicle and robot.

Some of the kids took to the directions, while others went right into hands-on construction.

"It was cool because I really like all the pieces," said Evan Hoffman.

"It was fun putting together," said Cohl Phelps.

"There was one that looks like the Optimus Prime one, and it just had a head and I hadn't seen it before and it looked pretty awesome and it's my favorite piece." Said Hoffman.

"As teachers we really like it because they're able to use their hands and manipulate things in different ways, so we enjoyed watching what they would build and see if they would follow directions," said Clark-Stokes.

Clark-Stokes said both boys and girls liked the toy.

But he said if you have younger kids at home, the 68 small pieces might not be for you.

"I loved it," said Phelps.

The class gave the $35 Transformer toy an A.

Finally, these testers tried out Chasin' Cheeky. It's a "monkey-chasin', ring-tossin', cheek-shakin' game."

"I think it was great," said Nyema Simon.

First, you put the banana in the monkey's mouth, then set him loose. The monkey zooms around on the floor, while the kids try to toss rings on his tail. Pull the banana out, and the monkey does a little dance, causing the kids to shake with laughter.

"When we took the banana out and he did his little dance, I thought it was funny," said Hannah Newton.

"The Cheeky toy I think they really enjoyed because of the dance and they mimicked it, more than anything else, they liked watching it more than playing with it," said Clark-Stokes.

The students said they liked chasing Cheeky, but Clark-Stokes said it can be a little difficult to actually get the rings on his tail while he scoots around.

In the end, the kids liked this toy's monkey business.

The $25 Chasin Cheeky game gets a B+.

Some of the toys are on sale right now for holiday specials, so those prices might be a little different than what we showed in this story.

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