Franklin stay lifted - Ill. gay marriage - Storm cleanup

(Source: Clint Stone, cNews)
(Source: Clint Stone, cNews)

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We're following late breaking news Wednesday morning as the stay of execution for Joseph Franklin has been lifted by a federal appeals court.

Also happening today, Illinois is set to join the ranks of states allowing same-sex marriage.

Carly O'Keefe and Holly Brantley are both live again this morning with details on storm cleanup, how victims are coping, and how volunteers can get involved.

We have new photos this morning out of Florida where at least two people have been killed in a plane crash. Details at 5:15.

A coach is in some hot water for biting a player. We'll bring you this strange tale at 6:12.

We'll also have some new toys to test out for you this morning at 6:20.

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