Recovery efforts begin after deadly tornadoes

Recovery efforts begin after deadly tornadoes

Good afternoon. If you're reading this email from the comfort of your home, be thankful. Dozens of families across the Heartland do not have a home after tornadoes ripped through the area Sunday.

Emergency management crews began

in Brookport after tornadoes killed three people yesterday. Jeff Cunningham, Arnold Wyrick, and Allison Twaits are in Brookport and will bring the latest in the clean up and recovery efforts.

Two people also died in a

yesterday. Rachel Gartner will tell us about the damage there.

A total of

, six in Illinois and two in Minnesota, were killed in the storms yesterday.

Kadee Brosseau is in Scott County, Missouri where


Many people have been asking how to help the storm victims. We have


The Dexter Police Department has issued an Endangered Person Advisory for a 14-year-old girl who was last seen on November 13.

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