LIVE VIDEO: 3 p.m. briefing on Brookport damage

LIVE VIDEO: 3 p.m. briefing on Brookport damage

Authorities confirm three people have died after a possible tornado hit Brookport.

Illinois State Police Trooper Joey Watson says the three victims in Brookport were 58-year-old Kathy George, 56-year-old Robert Harmon, and 63-year-old Scholitta Burrus all of Brookport.

A brother and sister were killed in Washington County, Illinois in a tornado.

Officials confirmed that one person died in the central Illinois community of Washington, where a tornado destroyed several blocks of houses.

Joseph R. Hoy, 80, of New Minden was pronounced dead at the scene of his farm at 14877 Eagle Road at 1:13 p.m. by Washington County Coroner Mark Styninger. Hoy's sister, Frances J. Hoy, 78, of the same address was pronounced dead in the emergency room at Washington County Hospital.

The farm was completely destroyed and Mr. Hoy appeared to have died instantly from massive trauma, according to the Washington County coroner. He was located in a farm field about 100 yards east of his home.

Frances' death was also from injuries sustained in the tornado. An autopsy will be performed on Frances Monday afternoon.

Authorities held a news conference at 10:30 a.m. Monday to provide updates on damage and cleanup. KFVS will carry another news conference at 3 p.m.

"It's been a tough 24 hours. Brookport suffered a devastating blow," said Brookport Mayor Johnny Klaffer. "We are doing everything we can as fast as we can to get things in a more stable position."

Jason Farmer, Massac County board chairman, says crews are currently working in the Unionville and Brookport areas.

Massac County Sheriff Ted Holder said during the conference that other than the city of Brookport, a 2-mile area of rural Massac County along Unionville Road has suffered damage.

Forty-five to 50 homes have been either damaged or destroyed.

All victims have been accounted for.

Search and rescue efforts have been called off and crews are now going into a cleaning phase.

Rick Shanklin with the National Weather Service in Paducah said a survey is underway to determine the exact intensity of the event, which started in Brookport.

Most damage is estimated to be in the EF1 to EF2 range with some damage at the low-end EF3 range. Peak winds reached 140 miles per hour.

Shanklin also said the damage stemmed from one supercell tornado.

The National Weather Service is reporting there is no threat of severe weather over the next few days at this time.

Tina Hale with Ameren said 55 line personell are currently on the scene and 40 poles will be replaced.

Half of Brookport has been energized and the other half should have energy by noon Monday. Crews will continue to work on individual restoration.

A spokesperson with Liberty Utilities reported that gas is still on and leaks have been repaired. Twenty-five homes were impacted.

David Searby with the Perry County Emergency Management Agency says volunteers are asked to hold off during the damage assessment.

EMA teams will be coming to assess the extent of the damage and then a coordinated debris removal plan will be activated. At that time, volunteers will be integrated.

Important information for Brookport

Crews are no longer sending people to Paducah hospitals out of Brookport, Illinois.

Brookport Elementary School is now being used as a mobile hospital. There are multiple people with head injuries, chest injuries, broken bones and other injuries.

Three triage points have been set up for those wounded at the First Baptist Church at Pell and Stacy, Pelonia Place at Crockett and 4th, and at the foot of the Brookport Bridge.

The US 45 Brookport-Paducah Bridge over the Ohio River is shut down.

Only first responders are allowed into the area.

No one is being allowed into the area at that point without a proper Brookport address with and ID.

All power and gas is shut off in Brookport.

A K-9 search crew has been called in to search in the debris.

Massac schools are closed Monday due to damage, according to the superintendent of schools.

There is a curfew in Brookport from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Those in the area are asked to stay off the phone as much as possible as cell resources are limited.

Donation/volunteer information

The Red Cross has set up at the First Baptist Church in Metropolis at Metropolis Road and Massac Creek Road.

Emergency crews are working to set up something for family members outside of Brookport.

EMA Public Information Officer David Fearby says while officials appreciate assistance from the communities, at this time the public is being asked to hold off on coming to the area while officials make damage assessments.

Officials plan to put out a call for volunteers but currrently the public is asked to not come to the site until that time.

Cleaning supply donations only are being accepted at the First Baptist Church in Metropolis at Metropolis Road and Massac Creek Road.

Other types of donations are being asked to be put on 24-hour hold.

Firsthand accounts

Hundreds of homes are damaged in the Brookport, Illinois area. Buildings were smashed into piles of rubbles. Power lines were strewn through the town.

"I was asleep until about five minutes before the storm hit," said Cheryl Clifford. "My neighbor Mike came over and warned be about how bad everything was getting. We ran out of the house finally to get to his house as I watched my trailer literally pick up off the ground and shift a little bit. We came across town finally to go check on our friends. They're on the other side of Brookport and their trailer is completely gone."

Two young boys who were near the Ohio River heard the sirens and ran to take cover.

"We just saw these big 'ol clouds. I don't know if it was rain or clouds, but it was just moving across the water," said one boy. "So we started running up the hill over here. We was by the flood wall and it was hitting hard. We ran up and these nice people right down the street, they just let us in their house. They told us to come in. We sat in there until the storm died down."

"It was so bad that I got scared and I just pulled to the side of the road," said one man who rode out the storm in his vehicle. "And I was sitting there just praying that God, just for this to be over with and all of a sudden devastation hit and it was so bad. It was just really so bad seeing trailers ripped and shredded apart. All I did was got down in my seat and just lay there and pray that I wasn't going to be tossed away. In a split second it was over with."

"We opened the door and started looking around. My friend had come over and a tree had landed on top of his car, broke out a couple windows. The house next to us, a tree fell through their roof," said one man.

Home damaged/destroyed in Scott County, Missouri

Crews have shut off power in Scott County, Missouri from Scott County to Charleston in Mississippi County.

A mobile home on Hwy. 77 was demolished in Scott County.

"We started off with a storm spotter activation," said Scott County Rural Fire Chief Jeremy Perrien. "That gets all three of our fire stations and engines out. One of the engines spotted a tornado on the ground north of Vanduser and from then on, it just turned bad. One after another. I think there were a total of three reported tornadoes. The calls for service started coming in, reports of people trapped, homes damaged, homes destroyed. So on and so forth. Just trying to get all of the incidents answered and responding to all of them was difficult with power lines down, poles down, trees down, houses across roads. You name it, we ran into it. It was difficult, but we got it done with the help of other departments and agencies that responded quickly also. So that was greatly appreciated."

Perrien says there was a small path between the populated cities of Haywood City, Vanduser, Blodgett, and Morley.

Those who lost their homes say they are thankful their families are safe. No one was injured in Scott County.

"Now I lost my house, but that's alright," said Lavern Holt. "I'll make it."

"I kind of joked with I left Express Fuel, I said I hope I have a house when I get back," said Chuck Bridges. "But I didn't. It's alright. I've got places to stay, a good church family. I'm going to be alright."

"I looked off and I could see rotation in the clouds, Bridges said. "Everybody went in and I never dreamed it would come this way. It's alright. I was blessed. Everyone's OK. No one was hurt."

"I saw it was it was coming across this way, picking up stuff just throwing it all over the place," said Russell Turner. "Then when I seen the house torn down, I thought these people are going to need some help."

Turner says the woman who lived in the home he watched get destroyed is OK.

Six mobile homes on County Road 507 were damaged.

"Back of mom's house, her bedroom is completely gone," said Carl Rickman. "It's just a total mess out here. My uncle's house over there, it blowed out all the windows on it. Totaled his truck. The gentlemen down the street, I'm glad he wasn't even there because his house is over in the road."

"We just got to find us another place to live," said Peggy Weems.

"We'll continue to pray for those across the river," Chief Perrien said of the tragedy in Brookport.

Power outages

Ameren Illinois crews worked throughout the evening to restore service to more than 120,000 Ameren Illinois customers. More than1,000 Ameren co-workers and 350 additional contractor resources are working torepair damages.

Thelargest area without power is the greater Peoria-area of Washington, Morton,Metamora, Pekin, East Peoria, Groveland, Roanoke, Washington and Eureka. Areasincluding Bloomington, Lincoln , Danville, and Brookport also were hard-hit.

Southern IL Electric Co-op experienced extensive damage to its electric distribution system in the Brookport and Unionville areas of Massac County. Initially, about 500 members were without power. Several poles and spans of wire are down. Downed power lines can be dangerous and even deadly. Please do not go near them. Monday morning, the outages were reduced to 100 in Massac County. Most of these 100 are on Unionville Road.

SEMO Electric estimated close to 3,000 members were without power Sunday afternoon. Two substations were down and structure damage that was mainly contained in the mid to northern part of Scott County. All power had been restored by 11:55 p.m. Sunday. Crews are repairing poles and replacing damaged ones on Monday.

MO - 11:20 a.m.

Cape Girardeau County - 2

Jefferson County - 220

St. Francois County - 118

Scott County - 508

IL - 11:20 a.m.

Massac County - 585

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