Toy Tester #5: Furby, Zoomer, and bracelet maker

Toy Tester #5: Furby, Zoomer, and bracelet maker

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - If you thought Furby was old news, think again. Check out an electronic dog who can sit, roll over, and speak all when you tell him to, and fun colorful bracelets.

We met with Ms. Baskin's class at Perryville Elementary to test out these popular toys.

It's one of the hottest toys of the season: Zoomer the electronic dog.

He barks, moves, and does tricks.

"I like Zoomer because he's fun to play with," said Harley Weekley.

The fourth graders at Perryville Elementary said he was easy to set up, charge his battery and he's ready to go.

But, Zoomer may not be the best toy for a big group of kids.

"It could be with a big group but not with everybody shouting out commands," said Weekley.

But for a few children, he can be a tail wagging good time.

The kids said at first Zoomer didn't listen to the commands well, and wish he could do more tricks.

But overall…

"He was really fun to play with," said Autumn Haberlie.

The testers gave the $80 Zoomer the dog toy an A.

Next, the Perryville students tried out the Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker.

This $15 toy says you can weave and wear up to 24 bracelets.

The class chose the colors, laid out the rubber bands, and got started making the first bracelet.

Even with directions and helping hands, we still didn't even get to start a bracelet during our time in the classroom.

Jackie Truong read the directions and made multiple bracelets and even a necklace.

He said after a little practice and a lot of patience, it was fun and easy.

"When you get used to it you can do it faster and easier," said Truong.

Truong said now that he has the hang of it, he wants more pages and more bracelets to make.

The Cra-Z-loom Bracelet Maker gets a B+.

Finally, the fourth graders got the chance to play with the latest and greatest Furby: Furby Boom.

The new $60 version combines a smart phone app and the traditional fluffy toy.

"I like the Furby because you can feed him and bathe him," said Tanner Koenig.

With the app, you can give Furby a shower, turn the water on and off, play games like soccer, and hatch new Furby eggs.

The kids said they like the new smartphone app addition. But, teacher Ms. Basking said it would be difficult to always allow your child to play with the app on your phone.

"He never goes to sleep," said Hunter Barrows.

And the age old Furby complaint remains.

"It didn't know how to be quiet," said Aaron Svehoa.

"Put an off switch on him," said Tanner Koenig.

Both students and teacher said they want a way to silence Furby.

The average between the students and teacher for this Furby is a B+.

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