Toy Tester #2: Doc McStuffins, fighting robot, and Magic Jinn

Does it Work: Toy Tester #2

MARION, IL (KFVS) - A popular show turned talking doll, a fighting robot, and a magic toy that can read your mind.

We stopped by Ms. Shannon's 2nd grade classroom at Lincoln Elementary in Marion to give the toys a test.

Doc McStuffins is already a popular toy, but this year the Talking Doll with Magical Friends is a hot ticket item.

"It's really fun to play with," said Emma Walsh.

You can play check up and sing along with songs from the show.

"Time for your check up...time for you check up," sang some of the girls in the class as the doll played music.

While some of the 2nd graders enjoyed the songs and wanted more, others weren't so fond.

"At first the song was fun but then it got a little annoying," said

Some of the second graders said they also think it might be better for a younger audience.

"I prescribe lots of love and of course cuddles," said the Doc McStuffins doll.

The $32.00 Doc McStuffins Talking Doll and Magical Friends averaged out at a B.

The Marion Students tried out the Battroborg Robot.

It punches, fights, and moves across the desk.

"You can make it punch wherever you want it to go," said Addisyn Adams.

It was a little intricate to figure out how to charge, and synch the robot and punching controllers.

"You just had to put on, wait awhile, then when it started flashing green, just take it off," said Adams.

The students said they would like two robots in a pack to fight eachother, not just the stand up target.

"It needs another one," said Makenna Martin.

"We didn't have to fight about who got it first if there was more in the pack," said Benjamin Marlo.

But overall….

"It's cool," said Khaydin Rush.

The $35.00 Battroborg Robot gets an A.

Finally the students tested out the highly anticipated Magic Jinn.

You think of an animal and the toy asks you questions in order to guess what animal you're thinking of.

There's no need to guess their verdict, the kids said they like the toy.

"It was probably my favorite," said Martin.

"It was pretty cool because it reads your mind," said Ahnalynn Hays.

Hays said she likes that it's small and she can bring the toy in the car when they're on the go.

Makenna Martin said it does have one drawback.

"If he doesn't get it right then you say no, and you just have to try again and again and if doesn't get it all those times you just start getting bored," said Martin.

But in the end, the kids give this $20.00 Magic Jinn toy an A+.

As an added bonus, the class even made the toy tester activity into a lesson…worksheets, math and toys.
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