Toy Tester #1: Jenga Star Wars Angry Birds, Marker Maker, Balloon Game, and Rebelle Bow

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - We start out this year's Toy Testers series in Sikeston with some of the hottest games and toys.

The kids at Lee Hunter Elementary said they've seen a lot of these toys advertised on TV and were excited to try them.

The Crayola Marker Maker was the first toy to test.

It claims that you can create your own custom colors.

The kids started out with excitement, but it took a little while to figure out the directions.

They chose a blue shade from the mixing guide.

They mixed the color, and tried out the marker.

Even though it worked on the paper, the class wasn't so impressed with the toy.

"The instructions were really hard to follow," said Heidi Johnston.

"We had a 20 minute recess period it took us all 20 minutes just to figure out how to start the marker," said teacher Patricia McCracken.

"I liked how you could make them, but when you ran out of markers then they would be all gone," said Camden Copeland.

"My concern is once you make the marker, is the game over? You know if you make them all on Christmas day is the game over," said McCracken.

The Sikeston class gave the $19.00 Marker Maker a C+.

Next the kids tested Jenga, the Angry Birds Star Wars edition.

You shoot the little bird at the Darth Vader head of blocks. The first shot was too short, the second too long, but the last was a hit in more ways than one.

"The birds are fun to shoot," said Brice Gordon.

"It's kind of hard to put together," said Copeland.

"I did notice the students had some difficulties, even though there were instructions showing where the blocks went, there were still pieces that you had to work pretty hard with to get them in there," said McCracken.

"I really like the app, and my brother really likes it so I think me and him could play with it all the time if I got it," said Johnston.

In the end, the kids thought the force was with this game. The $30.00 Jenga Angry Birds Star Wars earned an A.

The Boom Boom Baloon boasts family fun, while players try not to pop the balloon.

First, there were a few struggles in putting the stand together. They blew up the balloon and poked it again and again and again.

The kids were amazed how many sticks it took to finally pop the balloon.

"It's kind of fun to be scared when it's going to pop," said Chloe Kim.

But the anticipation wasn't enough to keep these kids playing and popping.

"I didn't like it," said Johnston.

"It falls apart sometimes," said Gordon.

"Sometimes when you try to put things back together it will just break even more," said Kim.

"Not necessarily hard to put together, but hard to stay together," said McCracken.

The $20.00 game busted out at a B-.

The Nerf Rebelle Heart Breaker Bow Blaster was the last toy to test here.

It was easier to set up: load the bow, aim, and shoot.

While the kids enjoed the toy, there are a few areas they would target.

"Make it shoot further than what it does," said Gordon.

"It only goes up and it goes does down, it doesn't really go in the direction you want it to go," said Johnston.

"Have a scope like right here, when you shoot it you could see," said Copeland.

"Make it less hard to pull back," said Kim.

But even with the critiques, this weapon was a winner.

The $16.00 toy earned an A with the 3rd graders.
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