Cape Central football's not-so-subtle secret weapon

Cape Central football's not-so-subtle secret weapon
When you look at the Cape Central huddle, it's hard to overlook Bo Wilferth. 
"Can't miss him, he's 6'7", 6'8"" said Tigers head coach Nathan Norman. 
"Even in Kindergarten I was a full head above everybody else, I've never been average," Wilferth said. 
Wilferth's dad Jimmy played football for the Tigers and at SEMO.
But until recently, the 6'8" Bo focused his athletic attention on basketball.
"I knew nothing about football, I didn't watch football, I didn't do anything, it was basketball for me," he said.
While Norman and his staff kept courting Wilferth, he kept playing hard to get.
"We've been after him for a couple years," Norman said. 
"For several years he'd ask me and I told him no, no, it wasn't for me," Wilferth said. "Then senior year he actually didn't come up to me, he wanted me to come to him and I came up and asked him if I could start coming to workouts and stuff."
So as a senior, Wilferth wore the Tiger helmet  for the first time, catching on quickly as the team's starting tight end.
"If you watch our football games, he is a secret weapon. Blocking machine," Norman said. "He's picked up the game well, his foot work is tremendous."
The blocking force found the end zone for the first time in Monday's district championship win at Hillsboro.
"It was exhilarating, I really didn't know how to react," Wilferth recalled. "As soon as I caught it I knew my foot was inbounds, I looked down and saw it was inbounds, so it was turning around and getting ready to yell at the refs."
A big man who continues to make a big impact on the team. Better late than never.