Perryville soccer learning more than just how to win

Perryville soccer learning more than just how to win
The Perryville Pirates have had plenty of reasons to celebrate this season: A school record 24 wins, conference and district championships, and the first sectional win in club history. 
"They've just done things over and over again that's going to take a really good ball club to break some of the records these guys are setting," said head coach Jerry Fulton.
While the Pirates are schooling teams on the field, some of their teammates are teaching a different type of lesson.
"Well they sometimes ask how you to say soccer ball, goal, the positions," said sophomore forward Emilio Mattingly. 
Pablo and Emilio Mattingly are identical twins, and along with their cousin Juan Hernandez and teammate Emmanuel Miranda, add a Hispanic kick to Southeast Missouri. 
"I know the whole team has learned more Spanish this year than ever," said Fulton.
The Spanish sessions also come with some cultural questions.
"They ask me if there's McDonald's or Walmart down in Mexico and I'm like yeah we have all that stuff down there, it's just the same as here," Hernandez said.
Winning has been the most common language for Perryville, in which everyone is an expert.
"If you look at our stats, there's not one guy on this team, there's 19 guys on this team," Fulton said. 
And the pirates hope they won't need any translation to hear a lot of "goals" from their guys on Saturday.