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Church to provide concealed carry courses


Church and guns: The Community of Faith Church in Marion is holding a concealed carry seminar with a biblical perspective.

The pastor leading the program says if Illinois is okay with its residents carrying a concealed weapon, then his Christian church should be too.

"Christians have a right to bear arms," said Troy Benitone, a pastor at the Community of Faith Church in Marion.

According to Pastor Benitone, if your life is threatened, the Bible says you have a right to protect your family.

That's where the "just in case" training course comes in.

"I think the fact that you choose to carry a weapon, especially as a Christian means that you have a greater responsibility," Benitone said.

The two-day class will be like any other concealed carry course.

"It will train you in this workshop in the proper way that you legally have your certification hours your class your experience to get your Florida permit, your Utah permit and your Illinois permit," Benitone said.

Pastor Benitone said this one will just include a little extra.

"The Bible has prescriptions from when you can protect yourself, when you shouldn't and when you should walk away," Benitone said.

He said it shouldn't be just about the permit you will get at the end of the course, but an understanding about when a firearm should be used.

"One of my worst fears is that people, because of the weapons thing will carry a gun thinking that they have a false sense of superiority," said Benitone. "I think the fact that you choose to carry a weapon, especially as a Christian means you have a greater responsibility."

Religion aside, some folks say it doesn't matter where the training comes from, just that it's done right.

"As long as they go through the right steps to do everything, I think that everyone should have the right to conceal their own," said Vanessa Smith from Marion.

"You want people who know what to do who have responsibility and actually just be intelligent with it," said Clayton Craig of Creal Springs.

The church said they can have as many as 100 participants.

More information about the courses can be found at

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