89-year-old beating victim speaks out

89-year-old beating victim speaks out
"He just started beating on me," 89-year-old Lloyd Surber said.
"He just started beating on me," 89-year-old Lloyd Surber said.

A man is behind bars for allegedly beating and robbing an elderly Poplar Bluff man.

Eighty-nine-year-old Lloyd Surber is okay, but very bruised and sore from the beating.

Surber said his doorbell rang just before 11 p.m. Friday night. He said the man at the door asked to borrow his telephone because his car had broken down.

"I thought he was alright and I said 'Well, yeah you can use it,'" Surber said.

Surber said the man was Billy Young.

"I had walked into the kitchen and he'd been around here for probably 20 minutes or more and I came in here and I walked right up here," he said. "This stool was sitting out here and he just started beating on me and I was in the floor right down there. He was just beating me down. I mean, he completely surprised me. He got the best of me then he got a hold of this stool, picked it up, and I knew he was going to swing it at me, so I grabbed a hold of it so he couldn't swing it."

Surber said it all happened so fast.

"He just dropped it all and ran through the front door," Surber said. "He carried the phone with him. I'd felt him, when he had me down on the floor, he'd reached in my pocket and to get my bill fold."

Once the suspect was gone, Surber got up, locked his door and called his daughter.

"That alone scared me at 11 o'clock at night for Dad to call me because he's usually in bed by then," Letty McDowell said. "I answered it and he told me someone had just beat him up and has taken his wallet."

McDowell said her father has a serious heart condition. She said she's thankful he wasn't hurt worse.

"I walked in and Dad's face was all bloody," McDowell said.

McDowell and Surber say it didn't take long for police to find Young. When he had ran from Surber's house, he took the phone with him. Police found that phone outside the suspect's home. Young was then taken into custody and charged with robbery first degree and assault first degree.

"The police force was absolutely perfect as far as I can concern and the way they went about their work and were very professional and they did it quick and they really did it well because they had the guy in jail in less than 24 hours," Surber said.

Surber said he will never again open the door to someone he does not know well. He cautioned others to do the same.

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