Honoring our Veterans who have fallen

Honoring our Veterans who have fallen

The Veterans activities are in full swing across our nation, as we say thank you to our soldiers for their service.

And the Second Brigade Motorcycle Club answered a call to duty, at the Jones Cemetery in Franklin County, on Sunday.

The group noticed during a fellow riders family member's funeral that there was nothing honoring the Veterans who are buried there.

Plus the flag pole that was still barely standing wasn't even usable to raise a flag.

So, they dug deep into their own club members pockets and joined forces with R.J.W. Reynolds Monument Company, and Southern Illinois Redi-Mix to erect a new flag pole. Along with a memorial stone to the Veterans buried in the cemetery.

There are soldiers buried there from all the way back to the Indian-American War.

After a presentation of the American Flag and the POW/MIA Flag were raised to the top of the flag pole, the group sang our national anthem.

"I hope that people gather more sense of pride in our country," Darin Hennesy said. "It seems like pride is diminishing and our sense of honor and country.  And we want to restore that, we want people to see that a little organization such as ourselves can make a big difference. And we hope that others will follow suit."

The group of riders are a mix of Veterans and those who support our Veterans.

"We're here to take care of our Veterans when they come home from War," Ronald Grizzell said. "And a lot of times they don't get taken care of. So basically we try to take care of everybody we can, even the ones who are gone. Because a lot of them have been forgotten. And they should never be forgotten."

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