Two horses shot in what owners say is ongoing harassment

Two horses shot in what owners say is ongoing harassment

GRANDIN, MO (KFVS) - Moving to a new area can be a little intimidating.

But one family who recently made the move to Carter County feel like they're the target of harassment.

The family said someone has been trying to scare them off their land and their animals are paying the price.

The Anthony family feels they are being targeted, but aren't sure why.

They've had break-ins on the property, they said guns are routinely fired in the woods behind their house out of season and two of their horses have been shot.

The family said they just want it to stop.

"We just got him about a month ago for my daughter for her birthday and Christmas," said homeowner Michele Anthony. "We moved him up here to the front pasture so he could be gently introduced to the other horses and someone shot him from either across the field or in the road."

This isn't the first time it's happened.

They said another horse was shot three times back in July, but they assumed it was by accident.

Now, they don't think that's the case.

"They have no regard to what they're shooting at," said Michele. "They can tell he's not a deer. They did this intentionally."

Michael and Michele have two children who love to play outside, but are now worried for their safety as well.

"What if my daughter had been home? She would have been out socializing with this horse right out there. What if she had been shot?" said Michele.

Michele said this harsh reality is not at all what they expected when they moved to Grandin in April.

"We were very, very excited to make the move. When we first came up here and looked at the house it was in the winter time and you saw the driving come up here. It was all snowy. It was just beautiful. I was like I'm going to love living out here," said Michele.

But instead the family sleeps with one eye open.

Several video cameras are scattered throughout the property in the hopes they catch someone or get evidence of these crimes.

"Wednesday night we were sitting, my husband and I, were drinking a cup of coffee when I got home from work and I saw something run across the screen. It was a person. We came outside but couldn't find them. It was that quick," Michele said.

Michele said now she always carries a gun when she works outside with the animals.

"Totally traumatizing experience. You would never have thought anything like that would happen in such a serene environment," she said.

The Anthonys said this is their new home and they plan on staying.

But they added that the vandalism and the care for the injured horses is very expensive. If it continues they may think about relocating.

Both horses are still alive, but the one shot most recently has been given a 50/50 chance of survival.

Carter County Sheriff Rick Stephens says they are investigating the claims.

He says deputies collected evidence and interviewed neighbors as well as the Anthonys.

If you have any information call the Carter County Sheriff's Department.

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