Billy Graham's 95th Birthday Celebration

Billy Graham's 95th Birthday Celebration

His journey started November 7, 1918 from a farm boy growing up in Charlotte to being dubbed "America's pastor."

"Dr. Graham's ministry expanding over 60 plus years," said promotions manager Sonya Johnson for the Billy Graham Library.

"His love for the lord you can see it and feel it in his presence," said Charlotte resident Faye Best.

"I first watched him on television and he was presenting the gospel. I was in my 20's and the Holy Spirit hit my heart."

Billy Graham pioneered a new kind of Christianity during seven decades in the pulpit bringing Jesus Christ to the masses via fiery crusades in tents and big-city stadiums.

"He's touched so many people's lives and has basically been Jesus' hands and feet for 95 years," said follower Wendi Keenan.

The man who helped transform Christianity in America is reaching another milestone.

"To be able to sign something to wish him a happy 95th birthday is really special you don't get to do that very often," said Kathy Sheley.

And the people who've followed his ministry are celebrating the Reverend.

"We have a banner that guest can come in and sign birthday wishes and Thursday we've got cake all day long," said Johnson.

Graham, who has not preached publicly in seven years because of his health, will reach out to the nation with a recorded message to air on his November 7 birthday.

"Really find out a little bit more about whom he is and what his message was and still is today," said Johnson.

Giving fans a rare opportunity too see the man who's journey still continues.

Guest of The Billy Graham Library in west Charlotte will receive a pictorial book called God's ambassador. The library is on Westmont Drive in Charlotte's Steele Creek area.

It's open from 9:30 am to 5pm and Admission is free.

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