Concealed-carry hero OKs anti-crime gun bill

Concealed-carry hero OKs anti-crime gun bill

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - The lawmaker who drove the concealed carry movement to approval in Illinois has signed on to anti-crime legislation that targets illegal guns in Chicago.

Rep. Brandon Phelps is a Harrisburg Democrat and gun-rights supporter. He shepherded legislation allowing the carrying of concealed weapons in the Legislature last spring after a federal appeals court ruled Illinois could no longer prohibit it.

Phelps says he now supports the anti-gun bill sponsored by Rep. Michael Zalewski because it doesn't change the law for first-time offenders. Phelps and the National Rifle Association feared a provision that they thought was too tough on otherwise lawful gun owners making honest mistakes.

Phelps announced his support Thursday morning after Zalewski - a Riverside Democrat - removed that part.

The bill is SB1342.

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