Teens not on Facebook anymore

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Just like you might not agree with your teen on music taste, or fashion sense, you also might disagree on social media preference.

A website that has more than 1 billion active users is starting lose an audience that originally helped make it popular: teenagers.

While more adults might be on Facebook, more teenagers are saying no thanks.

"[They] are moving away from it, my son is in high school, he told me about a year ago that kids his age are just not on Facebook," said MaryAnn Castillo.

Castillo has two kids. Her son, a senior in high school, told her teenagers just aren't on Facebook anymore.

"Cause their parents are on them," said Castillo.

Castillo said the teens are on Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and Twitter.

"My brother he's off of it completely, like he only checks it every once in awhile if I tag him in something," said 8th grader Jordyn Castillo. "I just post statuses like if something cool happens like if my soccer team wins or something."

Jordyn Castillo said some junior high kids are still on the social media site.

"It's just like a social thing, like you can just see what's happening to other people," said Castillo.

"There's a few, but for the most part they say oh no all the adults got on Facebook, so we went elsewhere," said Theresa Taylor.

Taylor is a teacher at Cape Central High School. She said they have a Facebook page for the FBLA club, but none of the students were on Facebook, so they took it down.

Now Taylor is trying to stay up on the latest technology.

"They're like what are you doing on Snapchat, you're not supposed to be there, they don't say it, but you're too old to be on Snapchat," said Taylor.

Taylor said parents can make a big mistake if they're not staying in the loop.

"Absolutely it's really difficult to keep up with, one of the most useful things is YouTube, because if you don't know what Snapchat is you can put something in like 'how to snap chat,' and it will show you and there's 20 million people out there waiting to show you how to use it," said Maryann Castillo.

"At least know what it is, so that you can have a conversation with your student, how do you discuss with your child how to be safe on Snapchat if you don't know what it is," said Taylor.

While teens are moving away from Facebook, some people said they believe they will come back to the site once they get older and use the site to network for careers.
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