City leaders make 'first and final' comments on ex-chief's conduct

City leaders make 'first and final' comments on ex-chief's conduct

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - The war of words continues in Perryville.

This time, city leaders make what they call their first and final comments regarding the conduct of former Police Chief Keith Tarrillion.

Mayor Debbie Gahan released some three dozen pages of information, all gathered after claims of misconduct and abuse of power were leveled against Tarrillion, and he spoke publicly on his innocence.

And according to his report, the private investigator hired by the city did find evidence of gender-based sexual harassment under the former chief's watch.

The report also documents officers dealing with a hostile work environment and Tarrillion's "boorish" or uncivilized behavior.

Mayor Gahan says a judge's ruling this week allowed them to release these documents, which she says shows the former chief's abuse of power was "both pervasive and ongoing."

Back in march, Tarrillion told Heartland News the investigator did not find any evidence of sexual harassment.

"I don't think today's statement is worth a response because it contains incomplete and inaccurate information," Tarrillion said on Wednesday.

Heartland News also learned today that Tarrillion remained on the city's payroll until late last week, when officers arrested him for theft, stealing and filing a false police report.

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