Chef Jeff 11/6 – 'BLT Wedge Salad'

Chef Jeff 11/6 – 'BLT Wedge Salad'

(KFVS) - Hi, I'm Chef Jeff in the kitchen. We're going to make a BLT, not the sandwich. We're going to take a BLT and turn it into a healthy salad-with a wedge of iceberg lettuce.

We've got vine, ripe tomatoes. We're going to season these up with a little bit of cracked pepper. We have three beautiful rings of red onion. We've got crumbled blue cheese, apple wood smoked bacon leftover, bacon from breakfast.

Here we go! Now we're going to build this baby up.

We're going to put the tomatoes, take the iceberg lettuce. We've got bacon bits. Got a little blue cheese.

This is a healthy, lighter blue cheese dressing. Ok, we're almost there! I'm going to take the onion rings and put them right on the top.

Here, we have a BLT salad, "In the Kitchen" with Chef Jeff!

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