AT&T doubling hiring goal for veterans

AT&T doubling hiring goal for veterans

(KFVS) - AT&T announced Wednesday that it will be doubling its hiring goal for veterans and their family members.

The company has a goal to hire 10,000 veterans and family members nationwide in the next five years.

In Missouri, there are currently more than 200 positions available.

So far this year, AT&T has hired more than 3,600 veterans.

About 55 percent of the veterans hired by AT&T this year made their transition to the private sector as technicians.

Other veterans and their family members are finding positions across AT&T as IT professionals, retail and call center representatives, project managers, financial analysts and supply chain managers.

A select group of junior officers and college-educated noncommissioned officers are being recruited into AT&T leadership development programs.

AT&T's goal of hiring 10,000 veterans and their family members over the next five years doubles a goal it set in April with the White House's Joining Forces Initiative.

AT&T also announced that it is beginning a program with JPMorgan Chase and the 100,000 Jobs Mission in order to create a veteran talent exchange.

The exchange will allow active-duty military and veteran job candidates to "opt-in" to a talent-sharing database. This database will make it possible to share and refer veteran candidates among participating companies.

Click here to visit the exchange, or visit to see open jobs. You can also click here to see AT&T veteran site.

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