Family is asking where were the firefighters?

Family is asking where were the firefighters?

WEST CITY, IL (KFVS) - A West City family is homeless after an early morning fire on Friday.

The Gray family awoke shortly before 4:45 a.m. to smoke in their house.

Jamie Gray says she had woke up a few moments before and started their dryer to finish drying their clothes from the night before.

"My husband told me to get up, get our son and get out of the house. Get the dogs, let's go," Gray said.

"As I went to my son's room on the other end of the hallway, I looked in the bathroom through the crack in the door. I could see an orange color. Not thinking I opened the door and there were flames coming up above where my dryer is in the bathroom."

The family made it out alive, so did their two dogs but not their son's hamster.

The dryer cord is being blamed on sparking the fire.

Now, the family is asking why their house went up in flames when they live right across the street from the city's volunteer fire department.

"I called 911 twice, and then I called my family," Jamie said. "My mom came down here, still there was no one here.  I had a police officer here calling, my mom called a neighbor behind me called. And finally someone showed up. We've lost everything, we don't have anything."

Benton firefighters were the first ones on the scene. Eventually firefighters from Coello and West City arrived to help extinguish the fire. But not before it heavily damaged the family's home and all of their belongings inside.

West City Mayor Chuck Cockrum tells Heartland News that the city's volunteer firefighters did respond within six minutes once they received the tone from the dispatcher. And that they have no began an investigation into how the tones on the fire were sent out.

The West City Hall is taking clothing and other donations for the family starting on Monday morning during regular business hours.

And if you would like to donate clothes for T.J., Jamie and or their 12-year-old son Chase here are their sizes.

T.J., wears an XL men's shirts, 36x36 jeans in a regular cut, 36 waist underwear and size 11 shoes.

Jamie wears women's small to medium shirts, 26 waist jeans, size 5 underwear, and children's size 3 shoes.

Chase wears boy's size 12 jeans in a regular cut, extra-large shirts and size 5 men's shoes.

The family has also set up an account for donations at their bank First Financial in Benton.

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