More young kids are using mobile devices

More young kids are using mobile devices
Tripp said she loves using her mom’s iPad.
Tripp said she loves using her mom’s iPad.

GOREVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Have you become addicted to your iPad or iPhone? Do you limit the amount of time your kids use the devices?

Studies show more kids than ever are using the technology.

"Sometimes if I want to I got to games, like go to the app store," said third-grader Kamry Tripp.

Tripp said she loves using her mom's iPad.

"I like it because I can download games and do everything I want," said Tripp.

"It's something she uses every day, in fact here lately, I'm not sure I've seen her without it," said Marci Tripp.

Mom Marci Tripp said a lot of times she encourages Kamry to use the device.

"We have an app called spelling city that we're actually hooked up with the school here, were able to put her zip code in, her teacher's name, and her weekly spelling lists are on there, and there are games and things she can play so it really has helped her and I think so far she's got an A in spelling and she's bringing home 100s," said Marci Tripp.

Kamry is even learning French through an app.

"I just go to the game, then I type in my name or email," said Kamry Tripp.

The American Academy of Pediatrics have released new guidelines suggesting parents should limit screen use to one or two hours a day and discourage all use for children under the age of 2-years-old.

But according to Common Sense Media, the percentage of kids, infants to 8-years-old who have used a mobile device has doubled; and 40 percent of kids under the age of two have used a mobile device, up from just 10 percent in 2011.

Tripp said she wants her kids to play outside, but said you can't avoid technology. She said it's important for them to learn how to use the devices early.

"Absolutely for their college and career it's something they're going to have to be able to adapt to," said Marci Tripp.

Tripp said she still suggests parents take a look at what their kids are getting into on the devices to make sure they're not inappropriate websites or videos.

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