A Place to Call Home: Tyler's story

A Place to Call Home: Tyler's story

(KFVS) - Fifteen-year-old Tyler loves sports, and is always up for shooting hoops.

"Basketball is my favorite sport, I also like running," said Tyler.

He's an athlete and a good student.

"I'm good at math," said Tyler. "I got a gold medal for math and I got a gold medal for English I , so I'd say I'm good at English and math."

He also enjoys turning the pages of a good book.

"I like to read, reading is one of my favorite things to do," said Tyler.

Tyler is a sophomore this year.

He has been in the foster system for the past five years. He has been in and out of foster homes, and currently lives in a children's home.

"I want to get to a traditional foster home or an adoptive home, and no matter what I've done I want them to be proud of me for the choices I make."

Those who know Tyler call him a leader.

"He's very smart, and very helpful especially with younger kids," said Adam Dickey, youth care specialist. "He tries to be a mentor."

Tyler wants to help other kids get through what he has already experienced...guiding and encouraging them.

He is already looking toward the future, and his own family one day.

"I just want my kids to have the life I never had," said Tyler. "I want them to grow up feeling like they have a mother and father who love them and will never leave."

For now though, he is enjoying just being a kid.

Tyler isn't picky about his future family; he just wants love and support.

"I think there's a family out there for me, doesn't matter what age I am," said Tyler. "There's a family that will adopt me, and they will love me."

To find out more about Tyler, and kids like him you can call (800) 554-2222.

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