Mounds woman beats breast cancer 4 times, strengthens community

(Source: Mike Mohundro, Heartland News)
(Source: Mike Mohundro, Heartland News)

MOUNDS, IL (KFVS) - A Mounds, Illinois woman survives breast cancer four times and helps strengthen the community.

Barbara Khourie went for a mammogram 13 years ago and found out she had an early stage of breast cancer. After surviving that, she has been checked numerous times and found out she keeps getting cancer.

The third time, it was much worse. She stayed home, laid in bed and nearly surrendered. While feeling defeated, her company started to fall apart.

Khourie is the owner of Khourie's Black Belt of Faith. She founded this company 15 years ago, and without her presence, the number of students involved started to dwindle.

With a new outlook, she faced her cancer and took control of her life. With that, students looked at her as an inspiration. The Martial Arts company thrived and rebounded.

Khourie said she started the company with the intent to give kids in the area something to do. Now, students say not only do they learn martial arts, but they feed off of her positive outlook and make good choices and become a better person.

Over the years, Khourie's Martial Arts company thrived and has won countless awards and trophies in area events.

Even after Khourie went back to the doctor to find she had breast cancer a fourth time, it didn't even faze her.

She considers her life, her family and the future of her students as worth fighting for.

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