Chef Jeff 10/23 - Pumpkin Parfait

Chef Jeff 10/23 - Pumpkin Parfait

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Hi, I'm Chef Jeff and it's all about a pumpkin parfait, a five-minute dessert for the kids. They're going to love you. So here we go:

· Step one: one cup of cream cheese, add a little bit of cinnamon

· Add one pinch of nutmeg, two tablespoons of honey.

· I'm going to whip this cream cheese mixture.

· Now it's time to play up this amazing dessert. I'm going to add a few chunks of

· pineapple, cream cheese mixture, a nice little dollop.

· Now, we have the yogurt, we're going to add that pumpkin.

· Now, I'm going to finish this off with premium granola.

And, here we have the sweet ending to the perfect day.

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