New signal approved for U.S. 68 intersection in Trigg County

New signal approved for U.S. 68 intersection in Trigg County

(KFVS) - A new traffic signal has been approved at the east intersection of U.S. 68 and U.S. 68-Business in Trigg County due to increased traffic and turn volume.
Engineering and design work have started. Preliminary installation activities will start within a few weeks.

An extended traffic flow study, requested by city and county officials, was conducted over several weeks at the intersection at the east edge of Cadiz to determine the need for the signal.

"The study found there was sufficient turn activity from the eastbound lanes of U.S. 68-Business heading from downtown Cadiz toward Interstate 24 on the main line of U.S. 68 to justify a signal at the site," said KYTC District 1 Chief Engineer Mike McGregor.

The study found an average 12,413 vehicles travel through the intersection each day.

During an eight-hour peak traffic study, 687 vehicles per hour traveled the main line of U.S. 68 at the site.

 Another 310 vehicles per hour traveled U.S. 68-Business between 4-5 p.m., each day.

Almost 300 of those vehicles were making a left turn from U.S. 68 Business traveling out of downtown Cadiz heading eastbound on U.S. 68 toward Interstate 24 and Hopkinsville.

While the crash rate was not a factor in placement of the signal, an analysis of U.S. 68 at Trigg County mile point 20.755 found 15 crashes over five years or an average of 3 per year with no fatalities reported.

The new signal will be designed so it will be ready for full 4-lane traffic when an additional two lanes are built for U.S. 68 around Cadiz.
Work on the new signal at U.S. 68/U.S. 68-Business intersection in Cadiz will be paired with work on a new signal at U.S. 62 and Kennedy Drive in Calvert City to maximize electrical crew efficiency and hold down costs on the two projects.

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