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YourTurn - 10/19/13

Hello, this is Congressman Jason Smith.

As you know, the government shutdown created by Washington's inability to work together is now over. While I fully support ending the shutdown, I could not support legislation that raises the debt ceiling without addressing our nation's spending addiction.

Folks in Washington need to recognize what families in Missouri already know, America has a serious spending problem. Only in Washington would the solution to a $16.7 trillion national debt be an increase in our borrowing limit.

It does not make sense to raise the debt ceiling without enacting serious spending reforms. It would be like a family in Missouri going to their local bank and asking for a loan with no money down, no repayment plan, and no strings attached. There is not a banker in Missouri, or America, who would make that loan. Yet, that is what this debt ceiling deal does.

After the last government shutdown in the 1990's, Democrats and Republicans realized they needed to work together. The result was three balanced budgets and welfare reform. Moving forward, I am hopeful Republicans and Democrats will be able to work together now to end our nation's spending addiction and put American on a path to prosperity.

This is Congressman Jason Smith, thank you for listening.

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