Home-built training course guides Fallert's football success

Home-built training course guides Fallert's football success

(KFVS) - Last season, Valle Catholic running back Tyler Fallert put up numbers video game players would gush at: 47 touchdowns, 3,000 yards rushing, leading the Warriors to the Class 1 state championship game.

"I don't really go for numbers, it's just week in week out if we win the football game," Fallert said.

This season, the Warriors' senior is shining again, leading Valle to a 6-0 start.

"He's worked hard to make himself stronger, I think he's gained 15-20 pounds since last year and works hard on his feet to make sure he stays light on his feet," said head coach Judd Naeger.

But to find the secret to Fallert's success, you have to leave the football field, and head to his backyard. It is there where Fallert gathered ideas from youtube videos to concoct his own obstacle course.

"I needed a drill to really work on my footwork and change of direction," Fallert said.

Fallert drilled down blocks of wood and integrated a clothesline, turning his yard into a makeshift training ground.

"I would have maybe drawn the line if he was tearing up the grass, though when he's doing it in the summer and there's no rain it hurts the grass a little bit," said Fallert's mom Mary. "But if it improves his game I guess it's all worth it."

"It really helps getting the hand-off, that's where it starts and then being able to cut as soon as you get outside and then following the lineman and just cutting off him and bursting up field that's where the end of the drill really comes in," Fallert said.

And it comes in handy against Fallert's opponents, as he continues to make defenders look like blocks of wood, standing in his dust.

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