MO coaches react to postgame handshake ban

MO coaches react to postgame handshake ban


Kentucky's athletic sanctioning body recently issued a directive against post game handshakes in all high school sports citing too many altercations. After more backlash, it's now saying it was more of a recommendation.

Scott City coach Jim May says the handshake is one of the most important aspects of the game. He says it translates to life after high school football

"You can't take sportsmanship out of the game," May said. "It's a big part of the game. That's what we talk about in our pregame meeting with the officials. That's the first thing that is said. That's what these kids need to get out of it. it's a big part of it."

Chaffee coach Charlie Vickery agreed. He says if they wanted to eliminate any sportsmanship from the game, he wouldn't want to be apart of it then.

"Everyone wants to do the best they can do and they want to work hard and they want to win, but the bottom line is you have to respect your opponent," Vickery said.

One Kentucky lawmaker is calling for a change to a new idea to ban post game handshakes and at least three schools say they plan to continue the practice.

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