Cape Girardeau making good use of casino funds

Cape Girardeau making good use of casino funds

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - What does Cape Girardeau have planned for money coming in thanks to the casino?

City leaders say there are several plans for that money including a place for pets and projects to make the community more inviting.

According to Mayor Harry Rediger, the casino has brought Cape Girardeau $1.6 million in funds the city did not have before.

Already that money has gone towards lighting projects on streets like Broadway and improvements to parks.

A new scoreboard and trees were added at Arena Park. There are also new storm sirens ready to be installed.

Next on the list are a dog park and possibly multiple gardens across the community.

"A dog park that's going in at Kiwanis Park, that is one of the projects and a community garden," said Mayor Harry Rediger.

Rediger says they may put in three or four gardens.

Rediger says a million visitors have come area of the casino and downtown business district in the past year since the casino's opening.

Downtown business owners say they see more foot traffic but over all they feel the casino is its own entity.

"I feel we are gaining momentum," said Paula Haas who owns Somewhere in Time Antiques. "Now, that may be partly due to the casino or improvements to this area thanks to funding from the casino, but it's more than that. Old Town Cape and the Convention and Visitors Bureau also do a lot to promote this area. People are taking a genuine interest for lots of reasons. I think more traffic and a general atmosphere of progress is a result of a lot of different city groups and elements working together."

Meanwhile Cape Girardeau  Police feel the area may be safer due to extra lighting and the security of the casino.

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