Shopping spree in exchange for a good report card

Shopping spree in exchange for a good report card

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Have you ever been tempted your kids with a shopping spree in exchange for a good report card?

A Poplar Bluff Elementary School decided to it make an intriguing part of their plan to improve good grades and attendance overall with perks for positive behavior. Through a partnership with Poplar Bluff Rotary Club, Lake Road Elementary formed the Good Habits Store.

"My favorite thing about the story is everything," said Dustin Ramsey, 4th Grader.

Students earn two points a day for attendance and overall good behavior, ten points for honor roll, and twenty points for perfect attendance.

"The impact has been huge with everyone working together," said Lake Road Principal, Erica Weadon. "We've had everything improve from attendance, to behavior, to MAP scores. It is just one part of our PBIS program, which stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support. We want to improve every part of our school and continue improving."

With the Good Habits Store, once a month the theme revolves around students rewarding themselves with the points eared for good behavior and grades.

"I got a skate toy and Oreos and three bouncy balls," said Jolonnie Spann, 4th grader. "Since they put the store in I want to come to class more and my parents like it that I'm doing better in school."

While students like the toys, administrators and Rotarians are impressed with what is going on behind the shopping. They are pleased with the improvements in attendance and test scores, and the overall spirit of generosity.

"To know we are encouraging them to make positive choices is outstanding," said Rebecca Winters, Rotarian. "They are the future of this community and we love this community."

"To see a kid that had the potential to go left, go right really does my heart good," said Assistant High School Principal, Sheldon Tyler. "I love to see that we are making a difference by the entire community working together."

Principal Erica Weadon notes the kids often buy presents for siblings or other students.

"That's really touched us and the Rotarians to see that the students are so giving," said Weadon.

"We want to show them they have good role models and hope that they will want to be a good role model one day to," said Tyler.

Kikyo Hensely, a 2nd grader not only earned enough points to buy some rings and necklaces for herself, but also bought toy cars and stickers for her younger brother and sister.

"It just makes me feel happy," said Hensley.

"My mom and dad are really proud," said Ramsey.

This is just one program Poplar Bluff Schools have put in place to improve behavior, attendance and grades with positive incentives.

Across the board, they say it is changing the atmosphere of each individual school and the entire district.

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