Fans recall what life was like last time Pirates made playoffs


The last time the Pittsburgh Pirates made the playoffs was 1992. Boyz II Men topped the charts. The Mighty Ducks skated into our hearts. During that 21 year span, the Cardinals made the playoffs 11 times. Fans from each team tried to remember what life was like the last time the Pirates saw postseason baseball. 
"1992 gosh iI was, what, how old was I? Nine years old I think," said Cardinals fan Candice Harwell.
"I was born in '89 so I was probably rooting on the Cardinals [in 1992]," said Miranda Holmes, a Cardinals fan from Perryville.
"My kids grew up in St. Louis, they love the Cardinals, against my better judgement of course," said Pirates fan Neal Covington. "You can bring up kids, sometimes you just can't bring them up right."
Any idea what a gallon of gasoline cost? $1.13.
"MTV still showed videos on TV and there was no Internet no smartphones, but to think that the Pirates haven't been to the playoffs in that long, I mean I'm happy for them but they're gonna go down," Harwell said, "because we got the best team in baseball right now."