Head start - Toxic mold - Chicken nugget autopsy

Interstate 55 is back open after a vehicle crash in the northbound lanes at the Diversion Channel.

A manhunt is underway in McCracken County after a chase on Interstate 24 last night.

A plastic recycling plant on Highway Y near Jackson caught fire yesterday evening. The state fire marshal was on the scene today.

The Meridian Elementary School was condemned today because of toxic mold, according to the regional superintendent's office.

Parents and children in the Heartland are starting to see an impact because of the government shutdown. Christy Millweard visited a local head start school where parents and administrators are worried about the future of their school and kids.

It's your turn Heartland! What do you want to say to Congress and the president about the government shutdown? Send your video replies to cNews@kfvs12.com or www.kfvs12.com/cnews. Or hashtag #yourturnheartland in your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Vine posts.

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) announced that the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) will continue in Illinois despite the federal government shutdown.

Aldi Supermarkets is pulling red grapes from its St. Louis-area stores after a black widow spider was found in a container of the fruit.

"This is cartilage. This is gastrointestinal tissue. There's all kinds of random stuff in there that's not chicken meat," said a professor of medicine and pediatrics. For most kids, they're an all-time favorite. Fast food chicken nuggets. But parents might think twice about serving them after learning exactly what's in them.

This week's Heartland Cook is Karol Stamp of Tamms, Illinois. Her recipe taps into our culinary history as Americans. In Depression-era cooking you often see two themes: the use of leftovers, and making the most out of cheap ingredients. You'll find both of those things in Karol's raviolis.

A Benton, Kentucky man has been awarded the French Legion of Honor medal for his extraordinary bravery in liberating France during WWII.

A two-headed calf born on a Vermont farm is doing well.

Albert Pujols sued Jack Clark on today over comments on a local radio show accusing the three-time NL MVP of using steroids.

Today is National Taco Day!

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Christy Hendricks
Digital Content Director