Study approves new traffic signal, reduced speed for U.S. 62 in Calvert City

CALVERT CITY, KY (KFVS) - Increased traffic volume justified the need for a new traffic signal and reduced speed limits at the U.S. 62 intersection with Kennedy Drive and Campbell Lane in Calvert City, according to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet engineers.

An extended traffic flow study was conducted over several weeks for the U.S. 62 intersection just west of the Interstate 24/U.S. 62 Exit 27 interchange.

After a fatal crash occurred at the intersection on May 30, Marshall County Judge-Executive Mike Miller and other county officials requested the traffic study on behalf of the victim's family.

Earlier counts indicated there was not enough traffic flow out of Kennedy Drive and Campbell Lane to qualify for a traffic signal.

However, a study conducted over several weeks found that a signal was warranted due to peak travel flow numbers.

"The study also found it would be appropriate to lower the existing 55 mph speed limit to 45 mph in this area," said KYTC District 1 Acting Chief Engineer Mike McGregor.

The study found 7,100 vehicles travel through the intersection on U.S. 62 each day.

During an eight-hour peak traffic study, 167 vehicles per hour enter U.S. 62 from Kennedy Drive while U.S. 62 had a 600 to 700 vehicle per hour peak traffic flow between noon and 1p.m., each day.

An analysis of the I-24/U.S. 62 Exit 27 Interchange corridor between U.S. 62 mile point 8.5 at Lone Star Road and mile point 9.1 at Love's Truck Stop entrance showed 38 reported crashes over the last three years -- 12 involved injuries with one fatality.

The analysis also showed four crashes immediately at the U.S. 62/Kennedy Road intersection.

Signs for the new 45 mph speed limit have been installed and initial planning for construction of a new traffic signal has begun.

It will likely take several months of planning, engineering and construction before a new traffic signal can be put into service at the site, McGregor said.

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