Government shutdown affects farmers

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The federal government shutdown is reaching deep into the Heartland where many of the nations farms are located.

The USDA Farm Service Agency offices are closed until funding from the federal government is reinstated.

For farmers, those offices are an important part of their livelihood.

"FSA is where all the farm programs are funneled through," said Garry Jenkins Manager Williamson County Farm Bureau.

Right now is harvest time for farmers here in Southern Illinois. So, any shutdown to offices that support them isn't a good thing.

But, Jenkins said right now farmers can't worry about anything but their crops.

"The FSA offices being shutdown at this time isn't going to affect the guys that are farming for a living because right now they're worried about getting their crops in for harvest," said Jenkins.

Farmers also say they would really like to see a new Farm Bill passed, and soon. The bill expired on September 30.

The Senate's proposed Farm Bill passed their house in June of this year. The House is yet to vote on the measure.

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