Chef Jeff - Health Crab Cakes

(KFVS) - Chef Jeff: Hi I'm Chef Jeff, and today we're making an amazing healthy crab cake. We got to start off first with some fresh crabmeat.

About two tablespoons of roasted red bell peppers. A couple tablespoons of red onion, and a little bit of cilantro. Here's the light sour cream. About a tablespoon of light mayonnaise. I'm going to put the two eggs in here. Two tablespoons of barbeque sauce. I'm going to take some extra cracker crumbs and lay them right here on my board.

Take these crab cakes, and I'm going to shape them just like this. I'm going to go right in here with that crab cake. Woo! You hear it sizzling?

You hear it talking to you? Flip them over. Ah! There we have healthy crab cake. I'm Chef Jeff and I'll see you next time.

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