Flu shot clinic kicks off flu season

Flu shot clinic kicks off flu season

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - If you're thinking it's too early for flu season, think again.

The Cape Girardeau County Public Health Department hosted a flu shot clinic at the Osage Centre in Cape Girardeau on Thursday.

This year, nurses have a few options for you: the flu shot, a high dose shot for those over the age of 65, a pediatric shot or a vaccination mist.

Sandy Gibbons, a registered nurse with the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Department, said the mist is only for people between the ages of two and 49.

She said they're promoting the mist this year because it starts working within about 24 hours, whereas the shot takes about a week to kick in.

But what about the people who are worried the flu shot might actually give them the flu.

"The shot is a dead virus it cannot give you the flu, but you're going to build up antibodies, it may take a week, ten days before you build it up, well if you've already been contaminated two weeks before and then it takes another week, you could very well get the flu two days afterwards from two weeks ago," said Gibbons.

Children as young as six months old can get a vaccination.

They're expected to last through April or May of next year.

If you're unable to walk into the Osage Center or health clinic to get a flu shot. Gibbons said you can send someone in to fill out paper work, and a nurse will come out to the car to give the shot.

The health department plans to have more clinics in the area in the coming weeks. Gibbons said you can call the health department at 573-335-7846.

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