Thursday morning online trends 9/26

(KFVS) - Thursday morning has a lot of trending topics to offer. Here's a look at the top ones.

George H.W. Bush was an official witness to a same-sex marriage this past weekend.

Mr. Bush and his wife attended the wedding of two friends in Maine.

The former president signed the marriage license after an impromptu request from the couple.

News of the witnessing became public after one of the brides posted a picture Sunday on Facebook showing the former president signing the document.

A Cassville, Missouri lawman is speechless after finding candy laced with marijuana on a drug bust.

Now, he's warning parents of the potential danger.

This is the first time marijuana in candy form has been seen in the area.

Confiscated on the bust was a package with bags of candy like lemon drops and gummy bears that contained medical marijuana.

The products look like normal candy but a close look at the ingredients list shows it they contain THC.

There are certain symptoms to look out for in case of exposure.

Medical professionals say if a child does ingest these, it's best to contact poison control or take them to the emergency room.

The local sheriff wants to make sure that doesn't happen.

He says officials are working hard to make sure this stays out of the hands of children.

Not only does the sheriff intend to have a session with teachers and parents to inform them that items like this exist, he also wants to make sure his officers will be alert if they come across these substances in the field.

Chase has now scrapped its joint credit card offering a big change for those who use this service to share responsibility.

A Chase spokesman says they recently pulled the plug on this option because they wanted to simplify their offerings.

So now instead of opening a joint credit card, customers will have to add a spouse, partner, or whoever they'd like to an already existing account.  

One credit expert says this might actually be a smarter option for the consumer.

Opening separate credit card accounts, the expert says, is a smarter option because there is no question who spent that amount and who is responsible for paying the balance.

And one person's bad spending habits will not affect the other's credit score with separate accounts, as it would if the couple had a joint account.

Experts believe that this new move by Chase could prompt other banks and credit card companies to follow suit.

If you do already have a joint credit card with chase you are grandfathered in and this change will not affect you.     

But it may give you something to think about if have a joint credit card.

The Affordable Care Act, also referred to as "Obamacare", has become a trending topic online.

There are articles on almost all outlets fact checking both sides of the aisle on this.

These so-called fact checks on the affordable care act and how it will impact us Americans are popping up everywhere on the web.

Scientists believe they may have discovered a new form of matter that is said to behave much like the lightsaber in Star Wars.  

Scientists are saying what they have discovered is something you only see in movies.      

So it will be neat to see how this one develops.

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