Cobden couple captures home intruder

Cobden couple captures home intruder

COBDEN, IL (KFVS) - Mary Jo DeRossett said her husband is a hero.

About a week ago, she got up in order to go to work at Rossi's in Cobden. But when she looked outside, she saw someone trying to climb in their window.

"There's somebody in the house, they're coming in the house," said Mary Jo DeRossett.

It's a scary start to the morning, you hear someone breaking into your home.

The DeRossett couple ran outside, but as Mary Jo started to call police, her husband Doug took matters into his own hands.

"The next thing I heard from him is I yelled his name and he's like Jo I got them, and I'm like oh my gosh you got him you got him," said Mary Jo DeRossett.

"I snuck up behind him and got him in choke hold," said Doug DeRossett.

"[He] grabbed him, had him in a choke hold, and drug him all this way to get him out in to the open to where he could get a look at him," said Mary Jo DeRossett.

"[I] held him on the ground and made sure I held him until the police arrived," said Doug DeRossett.

"He didn't think twice about protecting his wife and his girls and our house," said Mary Jo DeRossett.

Doug DeRossett suffers from a lung disease, back problems, and a seizure disorder, so the capture was no small feat.

"It's my kids, my home, my husband, we were going to do anything we can to protect ourselves," said Mary Jo DeRossett.

Seventeen-year-old Justin Hornback was arrested and charged with a Class 4 Felony criminal trespass while persons are present, as well as three other misdemeanor charges.

"I was scared and I was angry all at the same time because I was like how dare someone try to break into a house we worked so hard for," said Mary Jo DeRossett.

The couple said they're a little shaken up from the experience. Doug now walks Mary Jo to her car each morning before work. But they said they're glad to protect their family and neighborhood.

"We have such a tight knit community here and they're so proud of Doug, I'm so proud of him," said Mary Jo DeRossett.

"I'd do it again, you know just bring it to an end," said Doug DeRossett.

Even though the couple said they would do it again, DeRossett said authorities told him they don't recommend it. He said you don't know if they intruder has a weapon.

But DeRossett said he's glad it worked out this time, and is glad to share the story with friends and family like his son Sam stationed in Fort Riley Kansas.

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