Friday morning online trends 9/20

(KFVS) - Here's a look at Friday morning's top trending stories.

Apple fans may have a good reason for worrying whether they'll be able to get the latest iPhone.

Stock of the new iPhone 5S will be limited when the device launches today.

That's when the 5S goes on sale in 11 countries, including the United States, Canada, China, Australia, and Japan.

In China, where people could pre-order the device starting on Tuesday, news outlets report the gold models are already sold-out before it's even available for sale.

Gold and silver models will be harder to get, potentially leaving the gray models on shelves.

Around 500 people lined up outside the Sydney, Australia Apple store this morning
to be among the first people to buy the latest versions of the iPhone 5S and 5C.

The new 5S looks almost identical to its predecessor but includes a new fingerprint recognition system that could replace the passwords.

The iPhone 5C is last year's iPhone 5 with a new colorful, plastic case and made out of cheaper material.

Authorities raided an illegal snake-selling business run out of a man's home in New York and found 850 snakes!

An animal control officer illegally sold snakes and other reptiles from garages at his house.

Among the creatures found were two 6-foot Burmese Pythons, which are illegal in New York for good reason.

They're very dangerous and can grow 15 to 18-feet long.

Also found: 3 tarantulas, 3 boxes full of small spiders and a freezer of 500 to 1,000 various sized frozen mice.

Officials say only the Burmese Pythons were removed because they're the only things that appear to be illegal.

The man will now face several charges, but it appears these reptiles weren't harmed in any way.

America Now has an interesting trending topic that could save your life!

Having your house number clearly displayed on the exterior of your home or mailbox is critical during an emergency.

As you drive down the street you might see some house numbers are barely visible, while others are faded or peeling.

This makes it hard for police, fire or paramedics to locate a home during an emergency.

The best place to have your number is in a well-lit area and in an obvious place where people look, like on the side of your mailbox and above the front door.

Going viral online are some terrific pictures of a thunderstorm at the Grand Canyon.

Head to and you can find the link to the slideshow to share with your friends!

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