New Grand Theft Auto video game: too violent or just fun and games?

New Grand Theft Auto video game: too violent or just fun and games?

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Grand Theft Auto V hit the shelves for the first time Tuesday and is already a popular item. However, some parents of young children say the game is too violent.

Mickey Franklin-Griffin says the game is "very inappropriate" for kids. She says it's a game she would never purchase for her grandchildren.

However, some parents say the game is no worse than things kids see on TV or in movies.

"I think my child is smart enough to realize that's not the way things go and there are other poor examples that they see every day," Jessica Duckworth said, "There are horrible people on reality TV and that's ok, they're allowed to watch that. Honey Boo Boo sets a terrible example for children's behavior, but most people will let their kids watch that because they're not naked or violent. I don't want my child to act like that and that's not an example that I want my kid to see."

Duckworth and her husband bought the game the morning it was released. They say gaming is a hobby the entire family can enjoy.

"They're just fun," Duckworth said. "It's a good diversion from everyday life to just sit down and have your friends come over and hang out and play."

The Duckworth's five-year-old doesn't play the game but has seen his parents play.

"It's my job to teach him the difference between reality and fantasy," Duckworth said. "We can turn on the news and see 12 people just got killed yesterday. We have to teach him that's real and scary but this is all just for fun. It looks cartoony. He can tell this is not real life. It's our job to teach him that, it's not society's job. If you aren't teaching him that way then that's your fault. "

Steve Treese, Executive Team Lead at Target, says it's rated "mature" for a reason. Buyers must be 17 years old or older.

"It's a mission based game," Treese said. "There are different objectives that they need to perform to advance to the next level with a lot of adult content along the way. That's why we require an ID for every purchase for the game.

Professional gaming websites are giving Grand Theft Auto V great reviews. IGN is calling the game "one of the very best games ever made."

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