Alderman arrested, casting call, Grand Theft Auto V

Alderman arrested, casting call, Grand Theft Auto V

A Murphysboro, Illinois alderman faces multiple charges including sex abuse and kidnapping.

Three people were arrested after a

with an air rifle in East Prairie, Missouri.

As the "Gone Girl" movie crew shoots scenes in southern Illinois,

will be held for extras in the movie this week.

Authorities identified the five other people killed in the


British police say a man who bought a copy of "Grand Theft Auto V" when it went on sale at midnight was attacked, stabbed and robbed of the game on his way home.

Kadee Brosseau talked with some parents and a local store about the game. She'll have more on Heartland News at Six.


and dozens of businesses began accidentally in wiring damaged in Superstorm Sandy.

Imagine your mailing address changing four times even though you haven't moved! Tonight at Six, Allison Twaits talked to an Equality, Illinois couple dealing with mailing problems after several address changes for the same house.

Consumer Reports has named the Chevy Silverado 1500 its "


It probably won't affect her famous mood, but


Stay happy!

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