Monday morning online trends 9/16

(KFVS) - Here's a look at the top stories trending this Monday morning.

No ticket has matched all Saturday's numbers drawn for the jackpot worth an estimated $400 million.

Entering the weekend Powerball drawing, the jackpot had been estimated at $317 million.

There also was no big jackpot winner when Powerball numbers were last drawn on Wednesday.

Austrian climber Michael Kemeter scaled a 268-meter tower on Sunday in central China.

Kemeter started the challenge in bare hands without any protection measures.

All of the building's surface is glass.

Kemeter then jumped from the top of the building in a parachute!

An Illinois pizza place is getting attention after word got out about a "flashy" deal they were offering.

Drew's Pizzeria's business Twitter account advertised free food for women who'd flash their breasts.     

The owner says he did not solicit flashing and the post has been removed.

However, a worker says they're still offering free pizza.

The owner says he's never seen his employees happier, and they're never late for work.

The new trend of the modern American family that has emerged over the past decade is very different from what we've seen in the past.

Marriages are down and permanent singlehood and divorces are up.

Researchers at Ohio State University analyzed data from sources like the 2000 U.S. Census and The American Community Survey from 2008 to 2010.

The findings show that young people are delaying marriage longer than ever before.

In 2008 to 2010 43-percent of 20-to-24 year olds and 19-percent of 25-to-29 year olds still lived with their parents.

Meanwhile the percentage of U.S. Born women age 20 to 24 who have ever been married declined from 31-percent to 19-percent.

For men, also a decline from 21-percent to 11-percent.

The proportion of men married more than once has increased from 17-percent in 1980 to 25-percent in the last decade and those results were nearly the same for women.

Last month, Ben Affleck did not feel the love as he was cast as Batman for a new movie.

Now a picture from Instagram has gone viral and proved for some that, yes, it could be worse.

The picture shows Justin Bieber posing with a screenplay of the new film with a watermark of his name.

The caption? "#robin?"

This leaves us wondering of course if it's real, but the picture does have hundreds of thousands of likes so far.

USA Today is reporting that there could be improvements being seen in the youth obesity rate.

The reasons given are that kids are eating better and watching less TV.

This could be great news as the numbers suggest a "leveling off" of youth obesity.

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