Hi-Five: Jay Kemp

Jay Kemp
Jay Kemp

ANNA, IL (KFVS) - This week's Hi-Five honor goes to Anna-Jonesboro Quarterback Jay Kemp, who's a gamer on the field and off.

Jay Kemp's role on the Wildcats is clear. He is known as a hard worker, trying to lead the team and win football games.

The senior quarterback has been leading the Wildcats attack now for three seasons with his duel-threat ability.

But this off-season, his focus was on improving his passing game.

"Working hard this summer, a lot of us would get together in the morning, wide receivers, and quarterbacks and run routes," said Kemp."It's definitely paid off."

While Kemp plays the part of quarterback exceptionally on the field, off the field he disappears into a different world.

"I'm not your typical football player," he said. "I like different nerdy things, video games and computers."

So, are we talking Madden or Halo?

"Not exactly," he said. "Role playing games, not the typical Call Of Duty stuff, Skyro."

Whether it's World of Warcraft or Diablo, Kemp plays to win

It is a place where throwing touchdowns and running past defenders isn't the only thing that makes Kemp tick.

He leaves that stuff to Friday nights.

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