SEMO District Fair: 4-H competitions

SEMO District Fair: 4-H competitions

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Some people say it's the reason for the fair: 4-H competitions.

Kids from the age of 5 years old can start competing in the Clover Kids, and then at the age of 8 compete in the 4-H competitions to be the best of the best; everything from decorating cakes, to sewing a dress, to growing vegetables.

The motto is "learn by doing."

"We use a scroll saw to cut out the walnut right here," said 12-year-old Aaron Brown.

"It was really hard to make honestly," said 15-year-old Victoria Kobak.

"We had to put soil into it, then we put the plant," said 15-year-old Belinda Strack.

"The trick to getting a good picture is just take hundreds of pictures," said 12-year-old Steven Peters.

These kids know the importance of hard work. They canned vegetables, made a wreath, or collected insects; all to complete in this year's 4-H competitions at the SEMO district fair.

"I really think it gives us the kids the opportunity to show off their stuff," said Dortha Strack, the Director of 4-H at the fair.

"I was so excited because it took so long, and I thought it looked pretty cool," said Brown.

Brown crafted a giant watch out of wood.

"It feels good just to show it," said Belinda Strack.

Strack grew ivy in a boot.

"I really love chickens, so I usually make it about chickens," said Peters.

Peters won a prize for his photograph.

"This is my cake," said Kobak as she showed off her prize winning cake decoration.

They each encourage anyone to try 4-H.

"There's something for everything, for everybody," said Brown.

"It just not about the country people, that's what FFA and 4-H gets most of the time," said Belinda Strack.

"It's something really fun, cause there's projects for anything," said Peters.

Strack has been the director for 41 years.

"It's just rewarding to see how they grow," said Strack.

She said 4-H is more than just about growing a plant or baking some bread.

"They have to give demonstrations, they have to get up in front of a group, and talk, and a lot of the teachers will say they can tell they've been in 4-H," said Strack.

While earning a prize ribbon is fun…

"It's pretty exciting cause you're like wow mine stood out more than anyone else's," said Peters.

These 4-Hers said that's still not what participating in the organization is about.

"It's more about learning new things and having fun doing it," said Kobak.

There are 12 4-H groups competing in this year's fair.

They are Arsberg 4-H Club, Cape County Wild Horses Rodeo Club 4-H Club, Daisy 4-H Club, Delta 4-H Club, Discovery 4-H Club, Fruitland 4-H Club, Pocahontas 4-H Club, Progressive 4-H Club, Tilsit 4-H Club, Young Americans 4-H Club, Jr. Leaders 4-H members 14-18 years old, and Clover Kids Youth 5-7 years old.

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