400 pound weight loss saves Herrin man's life

HERRIN, IL (KFVS) - At age 26, Justin Wiseman weighed more than 600 pounds and was near death, but he decided to take the long road and pound by pound the weight came off.

"I knew I was going to die," said Justin.

That was if Justin Wiseman continued to live the way that he was living.

"Every emotion, if I was happy or sad, fear, every emotion, I ate it," he said.

At 600 pounds, he couldn't walk, couldn't even tie his own shoes and was popping pills for a number of health problems.

He tried to live as normal as possible, like going to school to become a teacher, but his weight forced him to give up day one.

"I was just pouring sweat, I could hardly walk, and the campus is so big, I just went to my car and balled, that's what I did. I went to my car balled and left and never went back," he said.

At age 26, Justin decided enough was enough.

Doctors told him he needed to lose more than 100 pounds before getting any sort of weight loss surgery.

So his road to recovery began, but he says it wasn't easy.

"If I can just get through this, if I can just get through this one craving, maybe next time it won't be so bad," Justin said.

He lost the weight and had the surgery.

And then, even more weight came off little by little.

Today, at 180 pounds he says he's never been happier.

"Life is brand new. I am experiencing stuff now that I've never been able to experience in my life," he said.

So he created a sort of bucket list to complete in his brand new body.

"It's things I want to do, I want to live for so that I can one day do."

Tuesday, we got to mark one of those life events off his list.

"One of those things I always wanted to do was go teeter tottering," he said.

Now at age 29, and teeter tottering for the first time, he says he wants others to learn from his story.

"No matter what your situation is, you can do it, you can do anything you put your mind to, and you just have to never give up on yourself, know that you are worth the fight," he said.

Justin said he plans to finish school. He wants to go into a field where he can share his story and help others with their weight loss problems.

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